Digital Humanities in 2008, by Lisa Spiro

Lisa Spiro, director of the Digital Media Center at Rice University’s Fondren Library, made a three posts series on her blog about the developments on Humanities in 2008.
The first post talks about the emergence of Digital Humanities, about the several essays and dialogues that try to define this field and the efforts to achieve collaboration and coordination in Digital Humanities.
The second post focus on digital scholarship, open access and resistances. The third article discusses the developments in Digital Humanities research.
The posts have many links to articles, essays and projects that gives us a very good overview of the Digital Humanities developments and are a worthwhile reading.
Thanks to Lisa for this great review.

Digital Humanities in 2008, Part I

Digital Humanities in 2008, II: Scholarly Communication & Open Access

Digital Humanities in 2008, III: Research

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