X Brazilian Symposium on Computer Games and Digital Entertainment

The X Brazilian Symposium on Computer Games and Digital Entertainment will be held at Salvador da Bahia, Brazil from 7 to 9th November 2011. The SBGames is the most important event for development and research of computer games and digital entertainment in Latin America. It is attended by scientists, artists, designers, teachers and students from colleges, research centers and from the game industry.

For more information visit http://sbgames.org/sbgames2011/index_english.html

Web Readings Weekly Roundup (25th October)

“Two major digital library networks have reached an agreement to collaborate in ways that will make a large part of the world’s cultural heritage available to a large part of the world’s population.”

Web Readings Weekly Roundup (18th October)

Europeana Remix

Europeana Remix is an interactive platform based on the film ‘Otto & Bernard’. This short film was produced for the project Europeana Erster Weltkrieg, encouraging families to share photos, letters and memorabilia of World War 1. Now the film forms the basis of the Remix initiative, combining leading edge technology (Popcorn.js, the HTML5 video framework) and a variety of resources from Europeana and across the web.

Europeana has a new portal and Creative Commons now include Europeana contents in their search.

UCL Discovery showcases UCL’s research publications, giving access to journal articles, book chapters, conference proceedings, digital web resources, theses and much more, from all UCL disciplines. Where copyright permissions allow, a full copy of each research publication is directly available from UCL Discovery.

Web Readings Weekly Roundup (11th October)

“Technical developments and a maturing understanding of organisational activity and workflow saw the emphasis move to ensuring the access, use and reuse of digital materials throughout their lifecycle. Digital Curation emerged as a new discipline supported through the activities of the UK’s Digital Curation Centre and a number of EU 6th Framework Projects. Digital Curation is now embedded in both practice and research; with the development of tools, and the foundation of a number of support units and academic educators offering training and furthering research.”

Web Readings Weekly Roundup (4th October)

The installation is an interactive visualisation of the 650 gigabyte Geocities backup made by the Archive Team on October 27, 2009. It depicts the file system as a city map, spatially arranging the different neighbourhoods and individual lots based on the number of files they contain.